Honorary Doctor Program

An Honorary Doctor Program of the USAcademy

What is an Honorary Doctorate?

Honorary degrees from USAcademy are awarded to individuals who have made substantial and meritorious contributions to USAcademy, to the Church, to the temple, to society, to their profession in such a way as to have enlarged human understanding and enriched human life.  An honorary doctorate acknowledges that the recipient deserves to be recognized for their unsurpassed abilities and contributions due to life’s learning and experiences.

Honorary Doctorate Degrees Overview

To be considered for an honorary doctorate degree, there are specific criteria that individuals must meet, and there are a variety of doctorate degrees that they may be awarded. There are also many non-honorary doctorate degree options that require advanced education.

Recipients of Honorary Doctorate Degrees do not earn the degree through academic achievements; rather they receive these awards based on generous and altruistic actions or lifetime accomplishments that benefit a community, nation, or humanity in general. 

Honorary Doctorate Degree Criteria

The Selection Criteria

Age over 30 years old, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion

Candidates have many contributions and have great influence in the community in the fields: Science, Education, Health Care, Medicine, Vietnamese Traditional Medicine, Production and Service, Business, Community Cultural Activities and etc.

Please fill in and submit the following forms to USAcademy



Degree Selection Process

USAcademy chancellor, or trustee committee forms a selection panel to review nominations. Candidates or nominating parties typically must submit a minimum of a nomination form and biography by a specified deadline.

Proceeding Time

No more than 60 days after receiving the candidate’s application and fees

Fee for Honorable Ph.D Degree

  • Fee for honorable Doctor – $3,000 USD per candidate 
  • Service Fee – $300 USD including:
  • PhD Gown Rental – $50 USD per set (Rent)   
  • USAcademy review – $250 USD per candidate
  • Total fee – $3300 USD


Candidate registration & Curriculum vitae form

Achievement or performance report

Nomination form authorized agent of USAcademy