MBA Master of Business Administration


Programme Syllabus - 2020

Entry Requirements

Bachelors degree or equivalent first degree or admission evaluation

Programme Duration

Official study time for the short Executive MBA programme is one year


  • MBA candidates will be assigned 10 relevant books relating to the specific field of study they choose

Degree Options

MBA (Executive MBA)

Programme Modality

Distance MBA program

The MBA curriculum consists of a series of Portable MBA

MBA – candidates in the executive MBA program complete the reading 10 required Portable MBA books

Level: Graduate

Objectives of the Programme

The modular Master of Business Administration program in Executive Management has as a general aim of provision of an academically rigorous education designed to develop skills, expertise, knowledge and vision to enable students, whatever their chosen route, to be critical, analytical and creative. The program aims to provide opportunity for self-development in relation to career enhancement and as life-long learners.

The program offers students the opportunity to develop their own capabilities, skills and competencies within a supported environment. The philosophy of the program can be summarized by the following objectives:

Develop a critical approach to the use of contemporary sources as a means of exploring complex concepts, ideas and issues of relevance and value to the chosen area of study.

Develop the power of critical inquiry, logical thought, creative imagination and independent judgment.

Provide a forum of study that allows each student to build on his or her past academic and vocational experience in a relevant and meaningful fashion.

Expose the student to a range of prospective, which may be applicable to both the interests and work situations as appropriate.

Recognize the variety of sources of learning and an appropriate diversity of means for assessing achievement.

This program intends to allow the individual student to develop their potential through a carefully selected curriculum of study, which includes elements of a variety of methods of study orientated around both the academic and vocational axis.

The Primary Objectives of the MBA Program are to:

Enable the student to achieve an appropriate level of academic competence

Achieve personal development and to develop critical awareness of benefit to themselves and to their organization

Develop skills of initiation, implementation and analysis in a range of contexts Develop capability in the analysis and evaluation of complex issues and situations
The specific objectives of the program will vary according to the chosen named award but will include the:

Development of knowledge at an advanced level

Development of skills of analysis, research and policy formulation and implementation

Unification of theoretical analysis and practice through a variety of contexts appropriate to business administration

Issues of organization management and the management of people.


Tuitions are due in full with enrollment for the complete program.
TUITION FEE – $4,000

Degree Regulations

The applicable degree regulations for MBA apply.

Duration and Workload of a Course

Successful completion of a course with a workload is estimated to be approximately in 1 year
Students should allocate approximately 1 month for reading each topic, personal study, completion of reflection activities and submission of assignments (by topic review).
The asynchronous e-learning (distance) mode of the program allows students to proceed at their own pace and at their convenient time.

Study Language

The program is conducted in English. English proficiency is required for the DBA program.

Under Student Support

The program is administered and provided by USAcademy. Students are eligible for student support regarding tutoring and assistance in the program by email/ WhatsApp/ Zoom.

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